Pasta is a staple in most of our kitchens. About half of the American population eats pasta 1-2 times a week and almost a quarter eats it about 3-4 times a week.

The popularity of pasta in America dates back to Thomas Jefferson, who had a pasta machine sent to Philadelphia in the late 18th century after he fell in love with the it while dining in Paris. He was so enamored by pasta that he even designed his own pasta machine while on a trip to Italy. The pasta dish he made infamous in the United States is something we like to call macaroni and cheese. But, America’s true love affair with pasta didn’t heat up until the 20th century, when there was a boom in immigrants hailing from Italy. When the first Italians arrived, one of the only pasta varieties available in the United States was spaghetti; that’s why it is so iconic to Italian American cuisine. Now, of course, it is hard to find a grocery store today that doesn’t have at least half an aisle dedicated to different pasta varieties.

My favorite type of pasta to eat is spaghetti, but I do not like to eat the meatballs. My mom makes the best spaghetti. Instead of meatballs, it has ground beef instead. She also adds small bits of onion that taste really good. I also like the pesto pasta from Stonefire Grill. Pasta is my favorite food to eat. I love that there are so many different types of pasta shapes and when you order a pasta dish from a restaurant, there’s always so many you can choose from. It’s easy to make and extremely delicious.

Photo © Nicola

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