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What is easy, cheesy, and sure to please? Pizza! Pizza!

Its soft dough made from high grade flour, topped with a festival of mozzarella, parmesan and cheddar cheese, all melted to perfection. Each bite would absolutely crave you for that satisfying taste. Though its outer layer, like those of us humans, can vary in thickness, there is no mistaking cheese pizza. A gooey creamy, yellow-orange triangular shape, dripping with a delectable mixture of cheeses and a fresh tomato sauce. How it slides down our throats. The wonderful, rich taste that only cheese can bring! It’s buttery, crispy crust made from flour, topped with delicious, savory tomato sauce made from fresh vine-ripened tomatoes cooked to perfection in, then sprinkled with tons of delectable Parmesan, mozzarella, and cheddar cheese, creating layers upon layers of a superbly melted cheese. Now, we wait until it’s cooked to a golden brown perfection. The smell will send you to your knees and its taste of the mouthwatering cheese as it slides down your throat will send you to heaven. Steam rising up off the melted cheese make mouths water. The first bite, teeth sinking into the cheese through the tomato sauce and into the moist crust, made for chewing and swallowing rapidly. Even the cheese and tomato sauce, sticking to fingertips, begged to be licked. A comfort food that can be consumed at anytime.

Photo © Sally’s Baking Addiction 

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