A View on Food

A fellow food enthusiast who loves to try new, different meals like me is my friend, Raylyn. Considering her interest in food, I thought she would be the best person to interview about her views on food and discover more personal information about her experiences with food.

Me: Hello! What would you say is your favorite food memory? Food you ate that permanently engraved the time, place, and company into your mind as an unforgettable, delicious memory?

Raylyn: My favorite food memory would probably be Thanksgiving day when all my cousins, aunts, and uncles came over for a big dinner. That day was special to me because my grandma made us a big bowl of soup. The soup consisted of various vegetables, turkey and mushrooms. It was truly amazing. Usually, my family doesn’t spend time cooking traditional dinners for Thanksgiving, so we usually go out to a restaurant to eat but, that day my entire family ate together for Thanksgiving. Since, my grandma is older, for her to cook us soup was wonderful.

Me: When you go out to eat, what do you look for in a restaurant?

Raylyn: I tend to look at the atmosphere the restaurant creates. I ask myself ‘Does this restaurant have a family feel, good service, good food, and nice lighting?’ I also look for the portion size. Is the portion size too small or too big? I don’t want to go home hungry, but I also don’t want to bring home leftover food. If the restaurant is different by offering unique menu items or if it has a small twist on common food items so it will stand out.

Me: How do you use food to express yourself?

Raylyn: Food is such an adventure for me. It is a great way to express the different moods I am feeling. I express myself through the food I cook, it is an expression of how I’m feeling in that moment. For example, if I bake a four layered cake, my mood is to be comforted. If I cook a new fancy dish that I’ve never made before, I’m feeling excited and ambitious! I think cooking is a good way to deal with feelings because when you’re cooking, you’re not focused on your problems, you have to focus on not making your food taste delicious.

Me: One last question, what is your “Last Supper” meal? Your “Death Row” meal as Anthony Bourdain puts it.

Raylyn: Definitely, my mom’s spaghetti. She uses Prego sauce as well as some chopped onions, which really makes the dish have a punch of flavor. The onions in sauce is the best part. It is a bit different from the spaghetti you would usually find in restaurants because she doesn’t use meatballs, but instead uses a different type of meat. The meat tastes much better than meatballs, I don’t really know how to explain it.

Me: Thank you for your time! I had a great time interviewing you!

One thought on “A View on Food

  1. I really liked your questions (especially the last one)! I think my death row meal would be either In-n-Out or a pizookie from the restaurant BJs. Your questions were very unique, I hate the generic questions like “what’s your favorite food?” “what’s your least favorite food?” etc. You did a really good job generating those questions! Keep it up!


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