Mixed, Fried, and Served on a Stick

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 5.03.20 PM

Remember when the food at local fairs and carnivals were relatively normal? Today, there’s a new breed of strange deep fried foods that amaze and alarm carnival-goers every year. There’s chocolate-covered scorpions, chocolate-covered bacon, deep fried butter on a stick, deep fried Kool-Aid, deep fried latte, deep fried corndog with a pickle inside, and many more horrifyingly delicious treats. Where else can you get the most outlandish food in Southern California other than the O.C. Fair? This past year, the standout was Chicken Charlie’s Deep-Fried Bacon-Wrapped Pickles. It is crispy and savory on the outside, while incredibly juicy on the inside. Every year, vendors come up with the craziest ideas to make the fair more memorable. Another winner is the deep fried turkey leg wrapped with thick, juicy strips of bacon. Absolutely delicious. Even days after the fair is over, almost everyone raves about the insanely bizarre deep fried food and compete to declare that what they ate was the most peculiar.

However, there is still a vast variety of standard fair food that is available, like funnel cakes, hot dogs, and hamburgers. A person can find anything he or she can imagine at the O.C. fair. There’s enough food for everyone. Families and friends can go to the fair to relax, have good time away from home, and enjoy out of this world food.

One thing that we can always expect from a carnival or fair is the fried greatness.

Photo © Elie Ayrouth

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