Food Can Bind People Together


What brings together a community better than food? Food is a way to express and show your cultural identity, as well as something that bonds a group of people together, regardless of their age or background. In Southern California, there is Little Saigon, a community in Orange County where thousands of Vietnamese people gather and celebrate their heritage. Vietnamese immigrants recreated this area to reflect their past life in Vietnam and to have a place where they could gather and share their culture with others. People bond by sharing family recipes and discuss which new restaurants the other should try. Many people go here to experience the culture by eating the delicious rice noodle soup, phở. They come to this area with their families or friends to just have a good time with each other and appreciate life by eating the vast array of Vietnamese food.

There are many other different communities in Southern California where food creates a special relationship with many different types of people. The different foods and cultures allow Southern Californians to create a better, harmonious community, since people can learn to appreciate the difference foods of others and have something to bond over. Food brings people together, it is the tie that binds and forms relationships.

Photo ©Ty Nigh (CC BY 2.0)

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